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Greenleaf's Global Support Center is the world's most comprehensive online-source for purchasing Greenleaf cutting tools and components. There are over 15,000 items from which to choose. On top of that, you have immediate access to all the technical information you need to run Greenleaf's advanced cutting tool products to their fullest potential.
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Access to Greenleaf Engineering for special tooling projects
Access to Greenleaf's Tech Team for application support

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Finishing A Fillet
Produce wide cavities (grooves) in heat-resistant materials with the fewest problems by using a grooving tool on the first operation. A grooving tool is self-stabilizing and always moving forward into clean material. This results in efficient machining without tool notching and produces an accurate corner radius. Remove the remaining material by ramp cutting with a round insert.

Milling Hardened Steels
When milling hardened tool steel with Greenleaf WG-300® whisker-reinforced ceramic, it is important to maintain a constant chip thickness. Feed rate adjustments are necessary as cutting conditions change.

Greenleaf Offers Special Engineering Services!
Special engineered or custom engineered products are a visible strength of the Greenleaf product line. Customers from around the world utilize Greenleaf engineering services to address their specific, and often complex, requirements. Ask us to determine if we can assist you in your special cutting tool requirements.

Roughing Heat-Resistant Alloys
When roughing heat-resistant alloys, the Greenleaf Tech Team recommends using RNGN or RPGN-style tools to maximize metal-removal rate. A common objection is... "But my part geometry calls for a shoulder with a small corner radius. I can't use a round tool..." Yes, you can use a round tool, and here's how...

Employment Opportunities
Greenleaf is currently seeking candidates for Sales and Service Engineer throughout the United States. If you're a motivated cutting tool professional with strong technical skills and think you have what it takes to be a member of our team, click here for more information

Milling Nickel-Based Alloys
Milling Nickel-based alloys with WG-300® can be compared to interrupted machining in turning. Since each insert is in and out of the cut during each revolution, the desirable temperature ahead of the tool is not easily achieved and calls for increased surface speed, reduced feed per tooth, or a combination of both.

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